A few worrisome thoughts

Now, you may think I’m paranoid–and maybe I am, I don’t know. But what I do know is that there are somethings happening in the world to day that cause me concern.

As an English teacher, I have to identify connections on a regular basis. Connections that a student makes between the ideas in his paper and possible connections between the ideas he meant to put together, but just couldn’t figure out how.

I am supposed to see those obvious connections–along with the not so obvious ones–and facilitate his putting them together in some form resembling standard written American English.

No small task, I can assure you.

At any rate, I’ve made some connections of late, and, to be fair, they may only be possible connections. But the possibilities inherent if they are connections worries me.

I’m talking about the problem of Ebola spreading rapidly in African countries, its tendency to pop up in other countries at random, and the porous nature of our Southern border.

That simply seems to be a recipe for disaster to me. The traveling that has gone on involving medical aid agencies from all over the world in an attempt to help with the African outbreak means that somewhere there are more people in other countries that have yet to come down with this illness and could possibly spread it to persons in their home country.

The possibility exists that those people could be home in Mexico right now, spreading Ebola unawares to friends and family. It doesn’t take too many degrees of separation for one of those persons to be in a caravan full of illegal aliens tromping across our wide-open border with Mexico

You see where I am going with this….connections.

Now, like I said, I may simply be paranoid. Maybe I am stirring a pot that doesn’t need to be stirred.

But I’m a mom. I worry about shit like this.


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