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So, this is me. I’m a mother of two, a wife to one, a writer, an online writing tutor, a professional student, and in general finder-of-lost-things in my household.

I love to read, sew and knit in my free time. Currently, I am re reading the Harry Potter series, which has inspired me to knit a Gryffyndor house scarf for one of my daughters. It’s coming along nicely and it is fun to have something to do with my hands when they are not on the keyboard.

I live on a “mini” farm in rural Tennessee about midway between Nashville and Chattanooga. I live near the Collins River Gorge and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

I have a few chickens that I am hoping will lay eggs soon, 10 cats that need to be fixed ASAP before they explode into 30 cats, a dog and soon, a milk goat.

I would love to hear your take on what inspires you about your life.



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